Nursing Home Medicaid Application and Approval

Florida Nursing Home Medicaid Application and Approval

Nursing Home Medicaid Application and Approval

As part of your Nursing Home Medicaid Application, you will be provided with a legally viable customized strategy, designed to preserve you or your loved one’s assets. You will also receive a formal recommendation with step by step plans for restructuring your assets if your individual circumstances require legal changes to be made.

We will assist you in the selection of an experienced Medicaid attorney to help you meet your eligibility requirements. Medicaid Eligibility, Inc. believes a team approach is far better for getting the low-cost results you deserve.

Initial Consultation By Phone

Our initial meeting is usually a telephone conversation at which time we’ll learn about you, your family, and the family member applying for Medicaid for the nursing home.

Followed By A Face To Face Meeting

This meeting can take place at your home, at the nursing home, or one of our offices located throughout the state and is an opportunity for you to meet a Medicaid Eligbility, Inc. representative in person. At this meeting, we will review the applicant’s finances in greater detail, including assets and income specifics, and accurately assess your family’s overall financial situation.

By the conclusion of this call, you will learn valuable information/facts about applying for nursing home Medicaid, and why your decision to consult with us as a sound one.

Next Step for your Nursing Home Medicaid Application

If you choose to have Medicaid Eligibility, Inc. become the “Designated Representative” for your family member applying for Medicaid for a nursing home, we will perform the following services:

  • Assist family member with document collection.
  • Complete the Medicaid “Request for Assistance” application, and submit it to the Department of Children and Families.
  • Represent the client at any required interviews/meetings with the Medicaid caseworker, and present all case items needed for approval.
  • Follow up on any additional information the caseworker may require, and see the application through to approval.
  • We keep you, and the nursing home informed throughout the process, until approval.

More about hiring an Attorney for Nursing Home Medicaid Application

Basically, in 15 years, we have seen people make the same mistakes over and over. We think it is because they get bad advice from well-meaning friends or family. Sometimes it is even bad advice from an attorney or other professional. The good news is that in most cases it is not that difficult to get you back on track and enable your family member to be eligible for Florida’s Long Term Care Nursing Home Program or Assisted Living Program – without having to spend down substantial portions of your assets to do so. If needed, we help you get an experienced Medicaid Planning Attorney on your case that we have worked with for years. We know the attorneys that know Medicaid issues and what they charge across the state. Some charge way more than others. We make sure you get an Attorney that will help you make the legal changes for the right price.  Not some inflated fee amount because they have ESQ. behind their name, or they wrote a book so they can charge you more. Some attorney’s charge you based on the amount of assets you have like a percentage of assets, or what you might lose at the Nursing Home. Some attorneys charge as if it costs more to help you because you have more money, that’s just Phoney Baloney hype. Or they charge based on how much they are going to save you. These things have nothing to do with what is relative, and that is what the attorney does to help you get the benefit you deserve. Some attorneys are jumping into a new area of law because they heard “THE BABY BOOMERS ARE COMING,” RED MEAT !!! Be careful of getting a LAW FIRM that is “Expanding” opening a NEW area of practice that may not have the experience you deserve.  Ask any Attorney that claims to have Medicaid Planning experience exactly how many Medicaid applications they filed themselves and personally got approved last year and don’t let them avoid the question. Ask them how many FAIR HEARINGS have you Won. If they don’t want to answer, you know the reason. If they have not been to a FAIR HEARING, then run. Ask them if they have ever taken a FAIR HEARING denial case to the 4th circuit court of appeals. Very few have. The Attorney’s we work with, charge you for exactly what needs to be done based upon how long it takes and what it costs them to provide the legal service. It’s about what it takes to get the job done, no more, no less, it’s not about the amount of money you have or don’t have, and that is the way it should be.

How We Are Compensated

We charge a very reasonable fee based on what the applicant’s needs are depending on the complexity of your customized Medicaid plan. Also, as a Florida Licensed Financial Advisor and Insurance Agency, we provide Medicaid compliant annuities and guaranteed issue life insurance, when appropriate, to preserve and protect assets as part of our value-added products consulting services. We receive commissions from the financial institution issuing the annuity or life insurance as part of our compensation.

Nursing Home Medicaid and Assisted Living Medicaid Basics for Medicaid Nursing Home Eligibility, Hospice Medicaid, Medicaid Assisted Living, and At Home Medicaid

How to Apply / Getting Started

Florida Nursing Home MedicaidEvery State has an agency that is in charge of administering the Medicaid Applications within that state. The Florida Department of Children and Families is the agency that administers the application process in Florida.

Eligibility for Medicaid for long-term care services, Nursing Home Medicaid, and Medicaid programs that provide for Assisted Living Facility or at home assistance all have the same financial requirements that must be met. Both husband and wife will need to provide documentation regarding assets and income as part of the application process. I know this seems like a violation of our right to privacy, but the Congress and Senate have not yet (legislated) made it a right for everyone to receive Medicaid Long Term Care. Medicaid qualification for Long Term Care is optional and available for those who choose to apply and are willing to provide the necessary documentation to prove they meet the requirements. The basic financial requirements are that an individual receives less than $2,313/month income and has less than $2,000 in assets. For a couple, the community spouse may retain $126,420 for what is called a resource allowance, and the community spouse income is unlimited. That is the basic Financial Standards for Medicaid Institutional Care Program (ICP), which covers Long Term Care. These standards DO NOT APPLY to any other Medicaid program.